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Revolution for Cats

Cats and parasites share a long, usually irritating and sometimes dangerous history together. But happily, it can be easy to stop history from repeating itself for your feline best friend.

Just a quick spot application of Revolution for Cats every month is all it takes to keep your cat free from external parasites including fleas and ear mites, as well as internal ones like roundworm.

Revolution for Cats:

  • Works inside and out to protect against multiple internal and external parasites
  • Is waterfast after two hours and won't wash off
  • Is quick and easy to administer
  • Stays effective for an entire month
  • Kills fleas in a cat's living environments as well
  • Is the only all-in-one flea treatment that's not a scheduled poison
  • Is available in a range of dose sizes to suit any cat

For more information about Revolution for Cats, ask your vet, or since you're already here, simply take a look around this web site.

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Revolution is easy to apply

Watch the video to see how to easily use Revolution on your pet.