For a more Pet-friendly world

Revolution (Selamectin) for Cats is the easy and effective way to protect your cat from fleas and other harmful parasites.

Your cat assumes your undying devotion

He or she may sometimes have a funny way of showing it, but you can be sure you are your cat's favourite person (or at least in the Top 3!). So repay your cat’s charmingly conditional love by keeping them protected against harmful parasites like fleas, roundworm, and ear mites by using Revolution every single month. Your cat won’t thank you for it, but at least you can take comfort in the fact that prevention is always easier, simpler, less expensive, less hassle, less invasive and much more effective than cure.

Revolution doesn't just eradicate those parasites living in and on a cat's body – as a total flea treatment, it also reaches the flea eggs and larvae in a cat’s living spaces as well.